The main largest and junction between all other worlds. You can build your own town or fight dungeons and complete quests here. You can also make their own shops and buy/sell their items. You can't mine or buld or break blocks here unless you're in a town.



Capital is the main city in overworld where main spawn is located. You can find Graveyard quest and portals to Mines, Nether and End there.

Swamp Village

Swamp village is a small village located in the southeast of Overworld. There is a villager that gives you Witch Hunt quest.

Witch's Cave

Evil witch lives there, if you kill her you will complete Witch Hunt quest. It's located south of the Swamp Village.

Lumberjack's Hut

Lumberjack's hut is located north of Capital. Lumberjack lives here and has a Wood Delivery quest for you.


Pyramid is located somewhere in the desert in Overworld. You can find some treasures there but it won't be so easy. It's full of monsters and the top floor is guarded by undead pharaon.

Abandoned Castle

Abandoned castle is located in the east of Overworld. You can find some treassures there but like the pyramid it's full of monsters.

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