First steps in Mines

When you log in for first time you spawn in Mines and your rank is "Newcommer". Your first task is reading the rules (It's necessary to become Miner). After reading rules your game can begin and your second task is to get through the portal to Overworld. Sounds easy doesn't it ? However it has a hitch. There is a guard at the portal and he won't let you go so easily. Now you can find some nice place out of a illage, build a house and start to mine. When you have all the money, you can go to talk with portal guard and he will let you go through.

TIP: You can return to Mines and to Kingdom whenever you want for free.

Welcome to the Overworld

You are on the main square of Overworld's Capital. Now you became rogue and you have two options. You can become a member of a faction or create one. Whatever you choose have fun.

Towns and Nations

When you leave Mines for the first time you can claim your own land somewhere in the Overworld by typing /town new <name> into chat. More citizens your town have the greater rank you have, for example if your town has 28 citizens you are Lord and your town is Metropolis. You can also group multiple towns into a nation. For nations applies the same as for towns. If you don't like any town you can start a war with it.
Complete list of towns and nations commands


When you become Resident you can create your own shops. To do that simply place a chest and type /shop create <ammount> <buy price> <sell price>. If you want only buy or only sell shop set the price to 0. After that click the chest and you are done.

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